Our Philosophy

Caring intentionally is part of our philosophy at Brimar Cleaning Services. Our Vision is to expand our services within the local community and cater to their needs, offering solutions with our simple mission and their three elements of connecting, engaging and pleasing.
Our Story | Brimar Cleaning Services started over a decade ago with the willing heart to make homes and business look beautiful. We learned from the mistakes of others in the industry and we mastered our own efficient system. Now we can duplicate it and continue growing.


No matter how big the project is, Brimar Cleaning Services is ready for the task. Condo, Rental Apartments, Duplex, Home For Sale Preparation, Construction Cleaning, Move Ins & Move Outs

Move Ins & Move Outs Cleaning Services

Rentals | Condo

Being a Landlord is not easy. Protecting your investments and the image of a property is our main focus. Brimar Cleaning Services offer Move Ins & Move Outs Preparation Cleaning.We also go really deep to remove any residuals left behind on all surfaces.We cover all kinds of properties. Duplex, Apartment Rentals, Home For Rent, Condo.We also work with real estate agents to prep a home for sale or business

Detail Construction Cleaning Services

Builders | Real Estate

Are You a Builder? A Real Estate Broker? or A Landlord. We all know how frustrating it gets when your tenants leave a mess behind, or when the construction crew or the painters need a hand to detail clean the residual left after. At Brimar Cleaning we offer Detail & Construction Services to simplify your life. Call us today to help you to turn that rental as soon as possible. Let us show you with actions and solutions that you made the right call choosing us.

Cleaning Packages To Cater To Your Schedule

Residential | Commercial

We offer all kinds of cleaning packages, as often as you want to. One time, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Weekly, Bi-weekly, you name it. Give us a call today to book one. We are always available for you via phone or email. You are a busy person with a lot in your mind. Let us take the stress of cleaning away with different cleaning packages available to you. No matter how big or small the job is we aim to clean and please intentionally all the time.

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